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Without a good connection for the toolbar

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Dołączył: 13 Lip 2018
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PostWysłany: Czw Gru 06, 2018 08:31    Temat postu: Without a good connection for the toolbar Odpowiedz z cytatem

Book for Parents

Author: Marcia Wood

From the Womb to the Wolves

It芒鈧劉s easy to say Moussa Sissako Saint-Germain Jersey , 芒鈧揥e want a world class education for all芒鈧?but the question is how can this be possible?脗聽 It芒鈧劉s going to take more than a tax increase from parents and grandparents 芒鈧€?in fact there芒鈧劉s probably more than enough money running around in Washington to make this a reality without digging into our pockets one more time.

Parenthood is forever and the rewards are so awesome that it芒鈧劉s out of the realm of our imagination.脗聽 Parents, etch this on your forehead 0 to 6 are numbers to remember the rest of your lives!脗聽 0 to 6 refers to a very small window of time that isn't negotiable for parents with children.脗聽脗聽

One of the most crucial times in a child芒鈧劉s life is from infancy to 6 years of age.脗聽 This is the time the brain is making the necessary changes that will affect the child emotionally and intellectually the remainder of their lives.脗聽 Who is caring for your child from the age of infancy to 6 years of age?

Lets discover some of the reasons that our country can't brag about a "worldclass education" for our children.脗聽 There remains a major problem in many states concerning daycare; 脗聽many states are studying the situation at this time and some are requiring a few hours childcare training for daycare employees.

In the meantime, other states allow any Tom Moussa Diaby Saint-Germain Jersey , Dick or Harry to open up their home for daycare without a license or qualified personnel, if they're only caring for a small group of children.脗聽脗聽

We need to address this daycare problem immediately to insure our little ones are receiving proper care and training.脗聽 Many parents can芒鈧劉t afford a $1,000 plus a month for daycare in an elite private school.脗聽 Hopefully our new leaders in 2008 will make this a priority 芒鈧€?I believe all of our children deserve a 芒鈧搘orld class care and education.芒鈧澝偮犆偮?Again Marquinhos Saint-Germain Jersey , this isn't just a problem for our government - we need to step forward and do our part too!

Infants are expected to slip out of the womb with their sneakers on for its time to hit the road running.脗聽 There isn芒鈧劉t time to lie around in the arms of their fathers and mothers, nor do they have the luxury of spending much time in a safe nurturing environment.

Mother芒鈧劉s few months or days of maternity leave is about all the time our little ones are given for an adjustment period.脗聽 Baby has been placed down the rung of priorities;脗聽 he or she no longer has the position of 芒鈧搕op dog芒鈧?many infants have been relegated to neighbor-hood puppy.

Our little angels are equipped with great communication skills and it芒鈧劉s important that we start listening and understanding what they are saying.脗聽 A baby knows when dad or mom is holding them, when a diaper needs changed and when it芒鈧劉s time for a meal and some cuddling.

There芒鈧劉s nothing in this world that takes the place of parental care; strangers can芒鈧劉t compete with the bond parents have with their newborns.脗聽 Listen as baby voices her opinion as she芒鈧劉s snatched out of bed Marco Verratti Saint-Germain Jersey , diaper quickly changed, bottle stuffed in her mouth allowing time for a little burp and she goes from a safe environment to one that is terrifying.

There芒鈧劉s no time to hang out with dad or mom, to feel their soft touches and hear their sweet voices.脗聽 You can芒鈧劉t fool an infant - God given instincts tell her that this isn芒鈧劉t daddy or mommy moving her from changing table to crib.

At daycare Loic Mbe Soh Saint-Germain Jersey , the hands are strange, the voice is scary and often times wet diapers, meals and cuddling aren芒鈧劉t being met in a timely fashion.脗聽 Non-parental caregivers are doing the best that they can do Lo?c Mbe Soh Saint-Germain Jersey , but they can芒鈧劉t provide the environment, love and nurturing of a parent.

These caregivers have been given an assignment that is literally impossible 芒鈧€?in fact they don芒鈧劉t have enough hands, time or the right parental tools to provide for the needs of your infant.脗聽

We芒鈧劉re time oriented and dollar and cents controlled Layvin Kurzawa Saint-Germain Jersey , but there are some things that can芒鈧劉t be locked in a specific period of time or purchased for a certain dollar amount and parenting falls into this category.脗聽脗聽 We need脗聽well educated teachers in daycare for all of America芒鈧劉s little ones, but it芒鈧劉s not happening脗聽-脗聽脗聽脗聽

Remember the numbers 0 to 6 that I mentioned 芒鈧€?it might be a good idea to write them on your hand and etch it them into your brain and heart.脗聽 Take advantage of the small window (0 to 6) that you and your infant are allotted and insure that he or she receives 芒鈧揥orld Class Care.芒鈧?p>

This is one time that we don芒鈧劉t get second and third chances to get parenthood right!脗聽 During the first 6 years of a child芒鈧劉s life, the brain establishes the pathway and networks that will affect the rest of his or her life.

The way the brain develops during this small window of time depends on the type of care that the infant is exposed to 芒鈧€?this is the time the brain needs enrichment with positive experiences.脗聽 The early years are when the brain is most receptive and vulnerable.

During this time Lassana Diarra Saint-Germain Jersey , the wiring or circuitry takes place and motor skill are being implemented to insure success as an adult.脗聽脗聽 An infant芒鈧劉s brain resembles a computer; this is the time files are created, information good or bad is stored and the tool bar is being connected.

Without a good connection for the toolbar, we can expect anything from short circuiting Kylian Mbappe Saint-Germain Jersey , freezing up to a possible crash! During this short window of time, who will insure that the child芒鈧劉s brain is being wired correctly?脗聽 Will it be a nanny, grandparent Kevin Trapp Saint-Germain Jersey , stranger or someone at daycare who is charge of wiring your little one芒鈧劉s brain?

Loving caresses, talk

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Wysłany: Czw Gru 06, 2018 08:31    Temat postu:

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